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03.2008 - laufend
NGN - New Generation Networks / VoIP
  • Implementations of different features for a VoIP server (Soft-PBX)
  • Services: lawful interception, parallel ringing, serial ringing, music on hold
  • Working on change requests and error corrections
    • Language: C/C++
    • Environment: Solaris, Linux, ClearCase, ClearQuest
    • Protocols: SIP, RTP, 3GPP IMS, Mobile Centrix
02.2008 - 05.2008
Video telephony (H.324M) with Asterisk
  • Implementations for Asterisk-PBX for H.324M
  • Error correction of the Asterisk H.324M stack
  • Delivering of patches for the Fontventa H.324M stack
  • Test with Nokia N73 und Motorola K3

    • Language: C, Java, perl
    • Environment: Linux, gcc, Eclipse
11.2007 - 02.2008
System architecture for IPTV
  • Develop of different system architectures for a IPTV-system.
  • Description of client architecture and back end architecture (CMS) and CDN (Content-Delivering-Network).
  • Evaluation of different IPTV techniques: Multicast, Unicast, Peer-2-Peer.
  • Evaluation of different IPTV platforms: Microsoft Windows Media / MSTV, Adobe Flash, RealNetworks
Implementation of a time stamp module for DVB-H
  • Programing of a module to get the current time for a DVB-H receiver (Nokia N77).
  • Requesting time from a NTP-time server over IP-connections and UMTS.
  • Implementation of RFC 4330.

    • Language: C++
    • Environment: Symbian OS 9.1, Carbide.C++ v1.2, Emulator, Nokia N77
07.2007 - 11.2007
Implementations for a document control system
  • Programing of a GUI for a image processing framework: GUI-logic, mainframe and different dialogs
  • Using of the GUI-framework Qt from Trolltech
  • Control of hardware: camera, lights, positioner
  • Data storage via SQL data base (MySql)
  • Reading of configuration data with DOM XML parser
  • Output of statistical data via XML
  • Copy-Protection via dongle from WiBu-Systems

    • Language: C++
    • Libraries: Qt 4.3.x (Trolltech), boost
    • Environment: Windows XP, MS Visual Studio 2005
11.2006 - 06.2007
IMS services in the telecommunication sector
  • Implementation of a charging interface in a 3GPP IMS application server
    • Language: Java
    • Environment: Solaris 10, Java, Eclipse, perl, codegen
08.2006 - 10.2006
IMS services in the automotive sector
Evaluation of different services in the automotive sector. Checking of the services for usability in the 3GPP IMS environment.
06.2006 - 10.2006
MPEG-2 Transportstream Multiplexer
Design and implementation of the architecture for an MPEG-2 transport stream Multiplexer. Conversion of MPEG-4/AVC or H.264.
Tools: MS Visual Studio .NET 2003
04.2006 - 07.2006
IMS Videosharing
Devising the use-cases, requirements, specifications and the architecture as well as the implementation of a system for transmission of Realtime-Audio/Video-Streams between mobile cellular devices (full duplex).
Network-standards: 3GPP IMS, IPv6, MPEG-4, H.264, 3GPP AMR, SIP, RTP/RTCP, PPPoE, WiMax, WLAN
OS: Windows CE 5.0
Hardware: Intel XScale PXA27x
Tools: MS Embedded Visual C++ 4.0, MS Platformbuilder 5.0, MS Visual Studio .NET 2003
08.2005 - 03.2006
IMS Services
Formulating the system specifications for IMS services. Project areas involved Push to Talk, video sharing, Presence and others. Devising the use-cases, requirements and the architecture.
07.2005 - 07.2005
Project in the automotive sector: Review of the AUTOSAR specifications and formulating solutions in the AUTOSAR standardization process.
05.2005 - 10.2005
SigComp (IETF)
Drafting, devising the architecture of and programming the signal compression layer SigComp. Implementation in C for an embedded platform.
03.2005 06.2005
IMS IP Multimedia Call
Designing the architecture for 3GPP IP multimedia calls in IMS. Generating call flows, specifying the requirements and formulating the architectural elements for clients in mobile telephony.
08.2004 - 06.2005
Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC)
Designing the software architecture and preparing drafts for PoC and video streaming in the mobile telephony area of the client site. Making design specifications for embedded platforms (APOXI, embedded Linux).
Representing the client at the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA).
03.2004 - 07.2004
IMTC conformance tests
Representing the client at the IMTC. Leading and implementing the conformance tests for audio/video codecs and the 3GPP file format in line with the IMTC set up.
01.2004 - 02.2004
Protocol evaluation project
Evaluating various manufacturers of H.324M and RTP/RTSP protocol stacks.
08.2003 - 12.2003
Multimedia framework for mobile phones
Developing the architecture and modules for a middleware multimedia framework (similar to DirectShow) for mobile phones (Nucleus/APOXI).
07.2001 - 07.2003
Transmission of multimedia data over mobile networks
Setting up and developing a simulation environment for optimized transmission of video data using EGPRS and WLAN.
Protocols used: RTP, UDP, IP, EGPRS and IEEE 802.11b
Video standards used: MPEG-4 and H.264(AVC)
01.2001 - 06.2001
MPEG-4 content management
Analysis and software development for storing multimedia content in 3GPP/MPEG-4 file format.
01.1999 - 12.2000
Virtual 3-D conferencing systems
Developing the fundamentals for future 3-D video conferencing systems using multiple camera systems.
05.1998 - 12.1998
Workings in standardization of MPEG-4
Partly leading the EU-project MoMuSys. Developing and implementation of own algorithms for MPEG-4.
01.1998 - 04.1998
Fast motion estimation in MPEG coding
Implementing the fast motion estimation in MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video compression. Development in Intel assembler using MMX and SSE extensions.
01.1997 - 12.1997
Fractal image coding
Developing an image coding system using fractal methods and algorithms. Implementation using object oriented methods in C++.


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